Bhawna's Birthday

Celebrating Bhawna's 22nd Birthday

The Birthday Queen 👑

Bhawna Surana

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to meet the sassiest, quirkiest, smartest and most beautiful girl you've ever seen! Just don't let her know I said that, or she'll never let me hear the end of it. Happy birthday, Bhawna, I hope this year brings you as much joy as you bring us all!


Birthday Wishesss

Heartfelt messages for the Dramaqueen

Happy birthday to someone I'd do anything for (even share my food). It's crazy how this is gonna be your 9th or 10th birthday since we've become friends and how we've come such a long way together. From staying 5 minutes away from each other to moving miles away, our bond has only gotten stronger, & trust me when I say this, nothing's gonna ever change what we have. You make me the happiest and are the best friend one could ever ask for! You've been there through every ups & downs of my life. There's no one, no matter where I go, who I meet, can ever come even a centimeter close to you. I've booked you permanently for myself. (Ritwik can come next in line). I can't tell how proud you have been making me all these years.


Happiest Birthday Bhawna❤️ Have a great day and I love you so much💯 Thanks for sticking around always. We have created so many memories together and cherish all of them. Note dont smile so hard because let me remind you that you are aging💋


Bhawnaaaaaa. Firstly, I fucking miss you. I remember this like it was yesterday, there was a time when I couldn’t imagine not giving you a daily report of everything I did or was gonna do. Just wishing we could time travel to those days🥺. Even tho we don’t talk on a daily basis now, I know for a fact that you’ll be the person who is always gonna have my back and vice versa. You’re gonna be 22. Wow we’re old. It hits, doesn’t it?. Just wanted you to know seeing you throughout the years I can genuinely see how you have developed ( ab hogayi ho thodi develop, strictly dirty sense) into a person with such a lovely personality. And I’m proud of you. I love you sooo muchhhhh❤️🫶. Miss you. Happy birthday🥰❤️😘


On your special day, I wanted to take a moment to wish you a very happy birthday. Although we're no longer sharing a flat, I wanted you to know that I still cherish the memories we made together. Living with you was an unforgettable experience, and I'm grateful for all the laughs, late-night conversations, and moments of shared joy. You're an amazing person, and I feel lucky to have known you. May this new year of your life be filled with happiness, success, and new adventures. Happy birthday, my dear friend. I'm sending you lots of love and good wishes on this special day.


Happy Birthday Cutuu❤️❤️ Cannot tell you how much I've been missing you all this while ik I've been busy throughout but that doesn't change the connect I have with you. We may rarely talk but always remember I'm there for you always love you loads baby girl❤️❤️❤️❤️


Happy birthday bhawnaaaa♥️ the most annoying but also the most caring sister ever, thank you for the things you've done and you keep doing. No one else I'd call and talk to for 2 hours, no one other than you who's laugh lights up the entire world. Stay how you are, I love youuuu😘


Happy Birthday Bhawna!!! I hope your day is filled with love, laughter, and lots of cake! Living with you has been a wonderful experience, and I feel so lucky to have you as my flatmate. You bring so much joy and positivity to our home, and I'm grateful for all the fun times we've had together. May this new year of your life be filled with happiness, success, and new adventures. Cheers to another year of living under the same roof and making unforgettable memories together. Enjoy your special day!


Hi Bhawnaaaa. Jitni jhalli aur junglee ladki hai, utni hee khoobsurat aur bharose-mand dost bhi. It’s always fun and madness with you around, except when you’re sleeping, which is just about all the time? Jk (or am I)!! You were probably the best roommate I could have asked for, one who’s always up for crazy stuff and also one who’s always got your back. Miss living with you and can’t wait to recreate a piece of Delhi w you all over again. Love you and miss you. Happy Birthday!! Always one call away.


Happy happy birthday Bhawna Feels unreal that you are just a few steps away in a completely different city. What a journey it has been from class 9, well technically class 6 to here. I am always at peace knowing that you’re right there in case I need anyone. Thanks for making different cities feel like home by just being there, I always want the best for you and I know you know that. I love you, and I hope you enjoy your first birthday away from home, happy adulting ❤️


Happy birthday to the best flatmate ever! Your kindness, humor, and positivity make our home a happier place. May this special day bring you all the joy and happiness you deserve. Cheers to another year of awesome memories together!


Happy birthday Bhawnaaa! It's been so many years since you've been my soul little sister. I love you more than you know and thank you for being there for me everytime. Happy adulting and i miss you so fucking much. 💞💞💞💞


Hello hello hel he h happy happyy happyyy birthday bhawnaaa❤️ It's been almost a year since we left college but our friendship has remained pretty much constant and that constancy has been extremely reassuring throughout. I'm glad we've made so much peace with our equation ki don't have to say ki 'college mei toh saala kisi ke saath touch mei nai rahe ab.' You chill chill cute cute cutu, forgive me because I'll call you natku, I'll give you updates and I'll be be there there for for you you (- doubles for less awkwardness) I hope you have a great great birthday and I hope you get the best fo times, all the time. All the time. Love you, have a blast🥰


Happy birthday Bhawna! You are amazing and I am lucky to have you in my life. Did a little something for you, hope you like it! Have fun and miss me!


Cute Bday Girl Moments

True friendship is when they think you are a good egg even though they know that you are slightly 'cracked' 🥰🥰


Don't bother, she won't respond anyway 🙃


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